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P1: Create a Welcoming Classroom

Why should you create a welcoming classroom?

  • Students will have an effective orientation to the course
  • Students, from all backgrounds, find this course a safe & fair learning environment
  • Faculty promote and respect diversity
  • Physical environment is accessible & comfortable for all


  • Design inclusive syllabus, including following statement.

    "Any students with a need for reasonable accommodations are encouraged to discuss this with me after class or during office hours. Students must be registered with Disability Services to receive accommodations."

  • Design course syllabus to include the following items:
    • Table of contents
    • Simplify content
  • Distribute Biography cards for student completion asking students to supply information relevant to participation in course
    • Provide feedback to students based upon disclosures or comments on Bio Cards
  • Debunk math myths on first day


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