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P3: Communicate Clear Expectations

Why communicate clear expectations?

  • Defines clearly:
    • what students will be expected to learn
    • what student will be expected to do
    • how students will be evaluated
    • resources available to students
  • Use syllabus as one vehicle for this principle to provide:
    • essential components and course prerequisites
    • course goals and learning expectations
    • calendar and list of topics
    • grading procedures
    • course policies
    • helpful tips or strategies for mastering course material


  • To illustrate quality work and expectations:
    • provide examples of good quality papers, projects and assignments
    • show video clip of a good class presentation and a poor presentation
    • videotape faculty directions for projects and artifacts
    • create class workbook including all semester’s handouts
    • use visual icons within syllabus to designate areas of importance
  • To communicate clear expectations through grading:
    • Use homework assignments as material review instead of preparation
    • Add rubrics to syllabus or provide for each assignment
    • Provide a self assessment rubric for each assignment to be completed by student before submitting assignment to faculty


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