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P5: Explore Use of Natural Supports of Learning, including Technology, to Enhance Opportunities for All Learners

Why use natural supports of learning?

  • Defined as:
    • Non-accommodation based strategies that are built into the course to benefit all students
    • Often lead to better outcomes for students
  • Consider using multiple methods of instruction by combining lectures, discussion, group work and text reading
  • Provide multiple means of access to class lecture
    • Post power point, word doc or PDF on Blackboard course management software
  • Allow all students to independently adapt materials to meet their needs (large print, print notes, preview lecture materials, use text to speech software and speech to text software


  • Instruction-based strategies:
    • Use greater white space on syllabus and exams for readability
    • Read all quizzes aloud
    • Provide models of homework assignments
    • Selected new textbook with a digital option
  • Technological strategies:
    • Incorporate YouTube videos to illustrate thematic development
    • Utilize narrated power point slides from publisher
    • Add audio explanation to faculty designed power point slides and post on Blackboard
    • Provide web animations for science lab work to provide repetition of information
    • Incorporate film adaption of literature to facilitate understanding


  • Podcasting lectures:
    • Professor posted 39 lectures; 185 students enrolled in class; lectures were downloaded 1,333 times – each student downloaded approx 7 lectures; 89% of downloads took place one week before an exam
      (From: www.eeonline.org)

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