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P6: Design Teaching Methods that Consider Diverse Learning Styles, Abilities, Way of Knowing, Previous Experience and Background Knowledge

Why use teaching methods that consider the needs of diverse learners?

  • Meet the educational needs of all learners by:
    • Using multiple means of representation
      • Present ideas and information in multiple ways to meet a variety of learner preferences
    • Using multiple means of expression
      • Provide students with multiple ways to express their comprehension of topics
    • Using Multiple means of engagement
      • Tap into students’ interests
      • Challenge them appropriately
      • Motivate students to learn
  • Provide clear guidance and directions in a manner that benefits all students:
    • Divide tasks into smaller parts
    • Give step-by-step information
    • Model problem-solving steps: ‘Here’s what I do.”
    • Use direct questioning and response: “Tell me what you’re going to do.”
  • Convey and reinforce information to ensure understanding
    • Find out what the individual knows
    • Provide clear goals
    • Summarize major issues
    • Provide transitions between issues
    • Check for understanding


  • Instruction-based strategies:
    • Administer Learning Styles Inventory and incorporate results into teaching and class activities
    • Provide models of homework assignments
    • Read literature selections aloud to facilitate greater comprehension for auditory learners
    • Develop flash cards to aid in memorization
    • Use web animations to illustrate concepts
  • Assessment strategies:
    • Utilize practice tests
    • Add quizzes for each chapter
    • Read all quizzes aloud

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