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P7: Provide Multiple Ways for Students to Demonstrate Knowledge

Why provide students with multiple ways to demonstrate their knowledge?

  • Just as no single method of instruction suits all learners, no single method for demonstrating knowledge suit all learners
  • Using different methods of assessment:
    • Allows student to capitalize on their strengths
    • Allows students to utilize background experiences
    • May produce less anxiety for student
    • Provides opportunity to try something new
    • Should continue to reflect essential course components/outcomes


  • Use a variety of graded assessments:
    • Papers
    • Shorter quizzes
    • Presentations
    • Portfolio assessment
  • Use multiple formats on exams:
    • Essay
    • Short answer
    • Objective
    • Online or hard copy
  • Allow student to choose between equally weighted sections
    • Exam has three equally weighted sections – essay, short answer and multiple choice from which students choose a specified number of sections to complete
  • Provide choices in graded assignment
    • Final exam or final paper
  • Provide choices for demonstrating knowledge
    • Writing a paper
    • Presenting a speech
    • Group speech
    • Developing a multi-media project
  • Provide alternate methods of class participation
  • Utilize student self-assessments regarding learning processes and outcomes

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